Thursday, January 22, 2015

Video Games Have Great Art: Fig. Drawing Sketches

Hey guys. So officially online for things like making youtube videos or for playing online games with people I've donned the name Xanthen (that x makes a z sound like xylophone). I've always liked the idea of having a different name to have people call me by, not that I don't like my name I just thought it would be awesome to have another one. So tadaaaaaaa!!! New name, if you leave any comments or recommendations for me please use that name, though I'm betting that most of you looking at this blog probably already know me. =) Here are the second week of Sketches for my figure drawing class. The primary topics for this week were geometric figures and ROBOTS!!! 

So this sketch is based on a robotic unit from again, guess what, Starcraft. Basically these robots are like miners, they harvest the resources you need in the game to build your bases and armies. They may not seem like much at first but up close and personal they actually look really cool. Imagine if you had one. Who wouldn't want a personal floating robot who brings you stuff? I mean come on, it would get the groceries, supplies, and it would probably go to work for you. Awesome am I right? 

Here's another Starcraft robot guys. Though this one actually belongs to the human aspect of the game. This is a widow mine. These things are scary. Basically they are really fast and easy to make and super destructive. You do not want to walk over one. I have seen so many people lose games because of these things. You may be thinking "Oh I'm safe, those things don't really exist. I'm golden." Oh yeah? We already have pretty high tech weaponry. Stealth Bombers, military drones, smart bombs, the list could go on for quite a while. Is it really unimaginable to believe that maybe we will one day build a robotic mine that can locate it's enemy and attack it by itself? In any case I'm stepping a little lighter around my yard.

The arch nemesis of the widow mine is the observer, basically another robot that can spot the "hidden" widow mines. I guess I forgot to mention that before, you can't see widow mines when they are buried. But these very nice robots, who can see things that are hidden, allow you to destroy any mines that happen to stand in your way. I love how they are designed. Particularly how when they are stationary they fan out like in this sketch, but when they are in transit they have a much more smooth and aerodynamic mode. You can look up some pictures if you really want to see it. 

These sketches were really fun, the first one is a logo for my favorite race in Starcraft, the Protoss. They logo is so cool!!! And then sketch 3 is my second favorite. He just looks so adorable! And I really love the way he turned out. One of my friends actually requested that I draw a second larger one for her. 

These are my favorite figures that I made. I find that when I think of the body in it's geometric aspects I can create a better actual image of the body. So this week my goal was to make a bunch of more accurate figures. I'm happy with what I got, of course they aren't as accurate as I wish they were, but they are much closer than a lot of work I've done before. Number one is my favorite here. 

So that's it for this week. Let me know what you think with comments and share this with your friends. Any feedback helps as long as it stays constructive. ;) Thanks for all of you who helped usher me along the road of the arts. It seems that now as I get further along in college my artistic work is in a constant mode of improvement. And by that I mean that I have to draw every freakin day. But hopefully soon I'll be able to add digital art to my portfolio. Thanks again everyone. =)

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